Font Fitting Room

Font Fitting Room Standard 3.2.4

Complete control over fonts with this font manager

Test compatibility with Windows 7 A few bug fixes and improvements


  • Test compatibility with Windows 7 A few bug fixes and improvements

With Font Fitting Room you can preview a custom sample text with a font list without actually installing them. You will see the installed fonts every time the application starts. To display any font that hasn't been installed, go to the "Any Font Folder" bar and select it from the folder browser.

The application always list the font name together with its associated file(s) in the left bar, while sample text is displayed in the right pane. You can play with following preview features: Sample Text, Font Size, Bold Style, Italic Style, Underline Style, Foreground Color, Background Color.

You can turn on the Character Map to see the all supported characters in the selected font. Click on a character cell to see the magnified version. Tool tips are available for each character when you move the mouse pointer over the characters. You don't need to install the font in order to display its character map.

You can get more information about a font by checking its properties. For True Type font, you can see multilingual strings associated with the font. These strings represent copyright notices, font names, family names, style names, and so on. You can select a locale to see how the properties got defined under it. For FON, FNT and PostScript Type 1 font, you will see basic information of the font, such as copyright notices, font type, font style, first char, last char and so on.

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Font Fitting Room


Font Fitting Room Standard 3.2.4

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